Paul speaking at Google I/O 2016. Paul speaking at Google I/O 2016.

Paul Soulos is an engineer and interaction designer. He explores the intersection of technology and the mind, particularly in areas of augmenting intelligence, interacting with intelligent systems, and extended cognition.

He previously worked at Google as a software engineer on Android Wear, Google’s wearables platform. He built library components for developers to use when developing wearable apps, owned the calendar experience on watches, and worked on the fitness experience. At Google I/O 2016, he presented a session on best practices for building smartwatch apps. Before joining Android Wear, Paul worked on the mobile version of Android. He helped shipped the Contacts application for Lollipop, Android’s first version to introduce the acclaimed Material Design interface. As an intern, he worked on Inbox, the successor to Gmail.

Paul attended Johns Hopkins University. He graduated honors with degrees in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. He focused on human-computer interaction and systems engineering.

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