Android Wear 2.0: Material Design

Managed the SDK and first-party apps

Material Design is Google’s design language. As part of Android Wear 2, the interface was updated to one built on top of Material Design. This includes the main system, as well as a software library released for developers to quickly build Material Design apps for Android Wear. To learn about building an Android Wear app, visit the developer website. For more information on Material Design for wearables, check out the design spec. Below is a session I presented at Google I/O 2016 with JP Gil on building for Wear.

Android Wear Gestures

Integrated machine learning model with the OS

Demonstrating Android Wear wrist gestures

Wrist gestures add a new interaction method to wearables. By moving your arm in different ways, you can navigate with one hand. This feature was demoed on stage as part of the Google 2015 I/O keynote.

Android Wear Agenda

Owned the calendar experience on watches

The bundled calendar application for Android Wear. Watches are first and foremost a device for telling time, and the calendar app is an essential use case.

Android Contacts

Co-creator for Android 5.0

Android Contacts App

The Contacts app for Android lets you effortlessly find the person you’re trying to contact. The most common methods for contacting the person are bubbled to the top so you can quickly get in touch. Recent interactions, such as texts and emails, are also added to give context your history.

Download on Google Play

‘If I had to choose, I think I’d say that Contacts, the dialer’s partner in crime, is my favorite stock app in Android’s latest iteration.’ - Android Police

MODE Watch Bands

Creative brainstorming and software integration

MODE is a watch band specification to quickly change straps and styles. It features a simple slide button so you can attach and detach bands in one click. It is compatible with both smart watches as well as traditional watches and takes advantage of the pin attachement used on most watches.